Щоб пройти тест, заповніть, будь ласка, форму

1. She can________very well. She will be a famous singer one day.

2. I love________pictures of the sea.

3. My dad _______meat at all. He’s a vegetarian.

4. There_____money left in my wallet.

5. On the morning of the 30th June 2002, the ________of the world were on the International Stadium in Yokohama, Japan.

6 . I used to be___with just having fun

7. Although she would have preferred to carry on working, my mom ________her career in order to have children.

8. Like all family-friendly festivals, there are _____of activities for both young and old, including food tastings, parades and concerts.

II Read the extracts from the stories, choose the correct statements according to them./ прочитайте уривки оповідань та оберіть правильні твердження відповідно до тексту.

9. When the soldier entered the church

ON a week-day morning a small congregation, consisting mainly of women and girls, rose from its knees in the church called ‘All Saints’. They were about to disperse, when a smart footstep, entering the porch and coming up the central passage, arrested their attention. Everybody looked. A young cavalry soldier in a red uniform strode up the aisle, with an embarrassment which was only the more marked by the determination upon his face to show none. A slight flush mounted his cheek but he never paused till he came close to the altar railing. Here for a moment he stood alone.

10. What emotional distress did the author’s mother suffer?

We lived in an old but grand house on the top of a small hill outside a village in the countryside. We were not rich and not poor. My father had left us some money in his will and this was enough to keep us in some comfort, financially if not emotionally. I had been too young to even attend the funeral, and his absence caused me less emotional discomfort than it did for the rest of the family. But somehow I failed to appreciate my mother as much as I should have and caused her more sadness than her other children. She spent the middle years of her life bringing us up alone; alone in every sense of the word, as there were no uncles, aunts or cousins nearby. She had to try hard just to keep in touch with distant family members who had spread across the world over the years.